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Sound for the Main Story Line

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Sound for the Main Story Line

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 29, 2009 5:20 pm

I've recently been in contact with a composser who is happy to work on developing music and sound for our game.
They are to collet with the writers in this forum to discuss any particular moods in the main story line that can be representing by music.

Here are my thoughts on an opening piece for the intro scene in Zeppo Mark's opening

I'm not sure exactly what zeppo is doing with the story line, but I guess the opening scene will require something very dramatic, the lead character has found out that his lover has been murderd by enemy agents.

I guess it should be starting out with a sad, sorwful slow/Larghetto tempo gradually building up to a crescendo of rage and anger. Then perhaps adding in Diminuendo at the end.

The music/ sound will go with this story line, which is to be developed independant of the actual programming.



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