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jsmoore82 introduction

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jsmoore82 introduction

Post by jsmoore82 on Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:47 pm

I am living in Spokane, Washington. Currently, I am enrolled at Eastern Washington University as a BS in Compute Science major with my calculus and physics series starting this fall. I first learned to program in C++ back in 1998 and then stop coding for a while in 2001 until 2008 because of military service. When I came back to school at the end of 2008, I took up Java as it is the Deparment's base language now at school. Currently, I am refreshing my C++ skills through the while continuing my Java at the University.

Outside of coding, I am in the National Guard and live with my oldest daughter as a single parent.

I am really excited about getting to work on this project and hope that I will become an asset to the team.

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